Letting Go of My “Should” and Enjoying the Moment

Up until recently I believed in very little. It was a dark time in my life where I didn’t expect the best to happen and felt forsaken. I remember thinking daily, “Why does everything have to be so hard for me?”

There were times I believed I must have had some kind of curse pulling all the negative shit my way. Anyone who had a suggestion was immediately shut down. They didn’t know me or what I went through. That might have worked for them, but it was my reality that stuff just didn’t work for me.

It was part of my job to listen to self-development. I was so closed to change, or rather so afraid of hoping and being rejected again, that I resisted for a long time.

I tried but obviously it didn’t work, because I never read a book from start to finish. Then I realized that I was better at listening to books. And this is when my story started to turn around: I loved the title of this book “You Are a Badass.” First of all, “duh!” Second of all, I thought I could listen to this..maybe. So I did the free trial and popped it on. I loved the way Jen narrated her own book, it was like a series of funny stories, but they all tied into the meat and potatoes of what she was teaching. I realized I didn’t reject and dismiss this lady like I did most of the rest of them..

I can’t tell you what the second book was, but there was no turning back. I had the bug and I was being pulled in slowly. I was definitely proceeding with caution, but I was more open now. It had my attention and I was listening. I started listening to the people Jen Sincero (author of You Are a Badass) suggested and then did an 8-week program with her where she personally coached me! Little did I know, there was much work to be done.. To my surprise, just by taking the next logical step things started happening pretty quickly. I went from an impatient, overwhelmed, victimized, overachieving, perfectionist, never-happy mom to meditating, enjoying the moment, enjoying myself, my kids, my husband, and have let go of my “should” to know that the universe has my back.

I went from “when I have this and that, I will be happy!” to being one of those annoying people (that I wanted to kind of punch) that is enjoying the moment. Thankful for all. Appreciative of you for reading this.

with love,


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  • Tori
    1 year ago · Reply

    Love this!

    • Vu Willey Author
      1 year ago · Reply

      Thank you so much!

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