Hi lovely!

I am super excited at the thought of working with you. I believe we all have a deep, divine purpose and mine is to help people get out of their own way and unravel their stuff!

I have been through countless hours of trainings: life coach trainings, manifestation workshops, motivational workshops where I learned from leaders such as Simon Sinek, Chalene Johnson, James Wedmore, etc. I have done the work, figuring out my divine purpose and helping people with theirs. I feel highly called to do this work and feel it is my gift <3

I am very much a believer in the benefits of mindfulness, fitness, and practicing meditation!! Yes, fitness and nutrition is in my bag of awesomeness and how I will help you get aligned and propel forward in your business and personal life.

I will help with your daily structure, nourishing your body and mind, identify energy zaps and identify holes in your schedule. Who doesn't want to be in a virtual mind/body bootcamp with other entrepreneurs??!

Other stuff about me:

·I have become really comfortable at being myself, listening to my intuition and enjoying the journey. I wasn’t always this way and spent waaaay too much time being everything to everyone.

·I have a love hate relationship with fitness and nutrition, so I stick to the 80/20 rule. I do pretty well with it 80% of the time.

·I have been married 15 years to my soul mate. But yeah it’s not always roses and sunshine :P

·I am mom to two beautiful girls and proud of the way we parent.

·I have made a lot of mistakes, spent time and $$ on the wrong things. I am thankful for each and every one of them, because without those mistakes I may not have found the right moves!

·I am really into shopping! Anything that sparkles and I LOVE COFFEE!

·I immigrated to this country on my own when I was 16. So I know a thing or two about finding your place and fitting in.

·I have my undergraduate degree in Communications and graduate degree in Management, Leadership & Strategy.

Why should you work with me?

-I work with you as a whole person: Mind, Body and Spirit. I meet you where you are and often see the problem that has been keeping you stuck! The transformation will be on a deep, meaningful level and will positively affect all areas of your life. Whether you would like to focus on personal or professional topics, when we identify and work on the issue together, the results tend to come rapidly.

-I LOVE this work! It is so fascinating to watch people transform just by changing one or two practices, or giving “to-dos” that take minutes a day! My excitement is contagious.

-I have been there; I overcame limiting beliefs, old habits, and other practices holding me back in order to shift and move forward with a life I love.

-My ability to spot a problem is legendary. Be sure to check out the testimonials!

Elizabeth Geib

Vu has a talent for asking insightful questions to help you get past your own personal roadblocks that you may not even be able to see. She is an astute observer of blind spots and can deliver much needed "tough love" in a gentle and caring way. I have grown as a wellness coach and business mentor because of her guidance and influence, and the growth of my business reflects that!


I met Vu Willey two and a half years ago, right after I had my second child at 42. Not only was she an amazing coach to help keep me on diet and exercise but she became an amazing friend to encourage me to dream big and believe in your dreams and in my power, and I have never gone back. Vu is really somebody I call upon when I need someone who can handle just how positive I am feeling. Vu cannot help herself but to be supportive of anyone around her.

Janae Martin

First, I have to say that Vu is an amazing human being. She is sooooooo helpful, attentive, and dedicated to your overall well-being. Vu sees solutions to problems that never even run across your mind. She is an expert problem-solver. She has helped me find money/funds when I needed it most and she helped me find opportunities when I thought I was out of options. So if you run into ANY issues throughout your journey – Vu is the one who will see the solution and support you back on track. Thanks so much, Vu, for your support and expert problem-solving skills.

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